Getting creative MOJO back by painting

Somewhere around Toulouse I lost my creative spark. My mojo. I felt exhausted and drained of inspiration. My painterly photography style depended on me being inspired so when it took a hiatus, I stopped working on my craft. I was scheduled to arrive back in NY after seven months on the road and take on my "house project" - which was all about de-greasing, cleaning, painting and fixing the house that I rented out and afforded me the lifestyle of travel and creating art on the road. I wasn't thrilled about spending my summer doing this. And, I was right, it was hard work, physically and mentally taxing and just plain unpleasant. And worse yet, I seemed devoid of any creativity. I would look at work I had done a few months ago and think to myself, will I ever get that kind of inspiration back? 

One day a friend suggested I go down the Pinterest rabbit hole. With an hour on my hands and a desire to create but without a spark, I took to clicking around PInterest. I came upon these wonderful videos about acrylic pouring and alcohol ink paintings. It was mesmerizing watching the paintings come to life and even better, it seemed like something I could try my hand at. 

I made a quick trip to Dick Blick to stock up on supplies and went to work. Each evening after a long day of hauling out debris from the basement, scrubbing the cabinets or making repairs, I would pour a glass of wine and then set to work to make some acrylic pours. It was mind expanding!