A snapshot of a few places I have been to.


A unique culture

Bustling and vivacious. Arriving at night, Hanoi glistened from the recent rain. Red, Green and Yellow lights glowed through the raindrops on the taxi window. As I alighted motorcycles whizzed past spraying rainbows of petrol scented water while the aroma of local delicacies of pho and bang chuo wafted to my nose. I inhaled deeply, smiled and knew I was going to like this wild and charming place.



Magical and lovely. Passing through immigration into the not-quite-finished-sort-of-state-of-the-art airport I was struck by the dense humidity of the night air and a tumult of activity. It was only the beginning of a magical and heart opening experience from the mountains to the cliffs and the endless beaches, vast seas and wonderful and welcoming people. I was enchanted right from the start. And the daily spectacle of astounding sunsets made me feel lucky to be alive.


A Place Unto Itself

I heard that Japan was unlike anywhere else in the world. But the quiet old world charm and sense of ingrained calm of the people enveloped me in the quiet neighborhoods of Tokyo and the temples of Kyoto. I became steeped in a time long gone by but still very much alive and happening in this wondrous country. That with the juxtaposition of the modern fantasy life of the young Japanese, it truly is a world unto itself.


A unique culture

Surprising and jawdropping. What an incredible place. Of course one goes for the safaris but what I will go back for is the wonderful people that love their land and are happy to share it with you. The vast numbers of wildlife is unsurpassed. The landscape is utterly beautiful and all makes for the most delightful experience. They say Africa gets under your skin - and I most certainly do agree. 


A watery world

Glowing like a cozy fire, Stockholm warms your soul. The ochre and burnt siena washed buildings reflected upon the waters that wend their way through the city are incandescent. And yet, it is stark and unknowable behind these facades. Much like the waters that link the many islands to each other, there is a depth here that I failed to fully grasp. I want to go back for more. 



Wild at heart

Green and red. The mountains and the skinny red clay road co-exist as you traverse across this untamed region of Africa. Life takes place along the narrow road that runs through the country. Townspeople, schoolchildren, thatched homes, goats, cows, bicycles, and copper mining trucks share the roadside. And the Zambezi woos you like a siren beckoning you to stay just a little bit longer.